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Welcome to Central Presbyterian Church!


Our approach to ministry can be summed up in three Christian callings: Renew Lives; Inspire Hope; and Serve Others. 


Each call represents an important aspect of our ministry to the people of Tarentum Pennsylvania. We have followed these calls to action for more than 125 years. They are the foundation upon which we recently recommitted ourselves as a congregation to do all we can to be living examples of Christian love and service.

We welcome you to join us!

Renew Lives

Renewal is fundamental to our faith. Personal renewal, spiritual renewal, and the renewal of our community are priorities we take seriously at Central Church.   

Inspire Hope

Inspiration serves as the  foundation of our work as the Church. We lift up God's Word and to use the Scriptures as a tool to inspire ourselves and others. 

Serve Others

Service to others is the way that we put our faith into action. Just as Christ served others, we follow His example in all that we do at Central Church.   

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