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Summer Feeding Program for Kids Begins Again

Central Presbyterian Church has recently kicked off its annual Children’s Summer Feeding Program in association with the USDA. This program is one on the growing list of food ministry initiatives undertaken by CPC.

Free meals will be provided to children under 18-years-old on Monday through Friday until August 12th. Each meal is nutritious, with lunches consisting of a fruit and/or vegetable, milk, and a main course. One day, kids enjoyed hamburgers, and then chicken parmesan was served on a following weekday.

Breakfast lasts from 9AM-10AM, and then kids can come back for lunch at noon. In between meals, participating children can stay and color, do crafts, read from our selection of children’s books, or parents can take them down the street to the local spray park to cool off on hot mornings (see the map below for directions)! In coming days, we will also be brainstorming more engaging, educational activities that children can enjoy as they eat their meals.

If you exceed the age to participate in the Children’s Summer Feeding Program or if you would like to bring your child to more of our food ministry initiatives, you can join us at CPC for our weekly free Saturday meals from 11AM-1PM. Every third Saturday of the month, our Dollar Pancake Breakfast is offered at 9AM in lieu of lunch. Abundant Joy Fellowship also hosts free dinners at 6PM every Wednesday.

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