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Volunteer Hours Given to Bloggers!

Central Presbyterian Church of Tarentum has been dedicated to renewing lives, inspiring hope, and serving others for over 125 years. We are small, close-knit group of members who have a passion for mission work. Currently, we are working on improving our website’s blog page. In the process, CPC is looking to offer younger voices in the surrounding communities a platform.

We realize that students who are in the National Honor Society, for example, are in need of community service hours for their membership. CPC would like to provide young writers with a community service opportunity in the form of sending us faith-related blog posts. These blog posts (200-500 words) can examine a variety of topics such as “What does faith mean to you?” or “What role should churches play in the community?” Such blog posts that fall within the desired word-count can be sent to us for a record of one hour of community service – anything longer than 500 words will be recorded as two hours of community service.

Hearing from young people is vital to community building. Appropriate and relevant blog posts will be shared on our website and our Facebook page in hopes of engaging more viewers. The following guidelines should be met:

-Writing is at least 200 words with at least one accompanying image

-Writing is related to faith in some way

-Writing is not used to negatively target a specific group (i.e. another religion, ethnicity, etc.)

-Finished writing is sent to with the subject line “CPC Blog Post”

Any questions can also be sent to the above email address. Thank you very much, and best of luck to you throughout the remainder of the school year!

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